• BrynDavies

Training during lockdown

With no racing on at the moment training has been forced to change too. I have decided to train similar to pre season with longer base miles with a few efforts thrown in to keep me up to scratch for when racing resumes. In some ways I’ve quite enjoyed this period of time with quiet roads and good weather it’s been a great time to get back to basics and ride for the fun of it as well as discovering new places to ride! However, I am missing the buzz of racing and seeing hard work paying off. It is also stressful with all the uncertainty of not knowing when racing will resume and also how it will be possible to gain results for moving up into an under 23 team, but this is the least of the worlds worry’s at the moment! I have also been trying out some zwift races which are certainly tough and a great workout but still not the same as the real thing. I do feel privileged that we are still able to ride outside but am prepared and ready for if I need to switch to doing all my riding in doors which will be a strange experience! I have already had an experience of long turbo sessions this lock down choosing to ride 12 hours on zwift for Maggie Swansea coving just over 300 kilometres and it’s fair to say I felt all of them the morning after! It was a good challenge however and one in which the mind was more important than the legs. On the other hand I did get to catch up on a lot of TV during those 12 hours!

Overall I’m coping well with lockdown however I can’t wait to get back out with a group on the road and get stuck into some racing in the great weather we have had recently. I hope that if we can all do our bit to help by staying home then we should be back up and running in time for a few races at the end of the year.

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