• BrynDavies

Coronavirus strikes

With the season just under the way it seems that it might be over before it’s properly started. With 2 races done so far I’m uncertain when my next race will be. My first 2 races were a massive disappointment for me. Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne followed by Betty Pharaoh which both resulted in a DNF. The massive lack of performance was a shock but looking back through the past few months it’s become obvious that my health has been pretty poor. Therefore this period of no racing mean I can fully focus on my health which I have been neglecting the past 6 or so months as well as focusing on my training. However I am very grateful to Fensham Howes - Mas Design for the trip to Belgium which was really enjoyable and well organised. I really enjoyed the experience of racing on the roads I’ve watched the pros ride on for years even though the result was very poor. The atmosphere was brilliant and the whole event was bigger than anything I’d done before with big crowds and brilliant enthusiasm!

On another note I have recently got Zwift and am really looking forward to using it as a useful training tool as well as getting stuck into a few races.

A big thank you to Squirt Cycling products too who have continued the support for this season.

I’m looking forward to getting back to full Heath and racing again once the coronavirus is all over.

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