• BrynDavies

The season begins

Updated: Feb 10

Last Sunday (February 2nd) was my first race of the 2020 season, the first of the Holt racing crit series. As it was the first race of the year everyone was pretty keen to get it going so the start was fast and it was pretty full gas for the whole hour. The wind played a big factor as no one was keen to pull turns which meant when attacks went of the front it took much longer to bring them back than it should of. With 5 laps to go there was one rider solo off the front before another 2 riders went off the front with 4 to go. Due to the lack of laps left no one wanted to commit to the chase so with 1 lap to go they were still off the front and I decided to focus on the sprint. Coming into the sprint I sat in the top 5 keeping the pressure on to prevent any one coming past. Coming into the sprint I was in perfect position and was able to come round and win the bunch sprint for 4th. Next weekend will be my first road race of the year, perfs. 

- Bryn Bear

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